Polly Richter

Leonard J Tyl Middle Sch, Montville, CT
retired teacher
Lyme, Connecticut
I was a Teacher Argonaut in Resilient Planet in 2007. Our group spent three incredible days at sea on a dive boat, the MV Spree, along with Dr. Ballard in the pristine Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. I am retired now, but coached two young people who became Student Argonauts, too. The first was my son, Lee Richter who went to Barro Colorado Island in Panama with Rainforest at the Crossroads in 2004, and the second was Jing Fan, a student at my middle school who was an Argonaut on Monster Storms (2006), working with National Geographic Explorer Tim Samaras on tornado research in Colorado. Both of them are college graduates at this point and working in scientific fields—Lee as a marine biologist and diver for the National Park Service in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Jing as a project manager in computer science for Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. Ask me about Lee’s upcoming dive trip on the Spree’s sister ship to guess where… the Flower Garden Banks! Small world. As for me, I’m currently 100% into nature indulgence at this point, and have done quite a bit of travelling since retiring.  Ask me where!
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